Aug 12, 2014

Got Health-e’s Blockchain App puts Personal Health in Consumers’ Hands

Patients gain control of their medical health records from smart devices 

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 8, 2019 – Healthcare is personal business, and Got Health-e, one of the first health apps whose security is reinforced by blockchain, lets patients manage it without worry. The native app runs on iOS and Android devices and is accessible as a web app from online browsers. The app allows patients to access, share and store personal health records using encryption tools that guard against hackers and other interlopers. This breakthrough application developed by Atlanta, Ga.-based Got Health-e enables consumers to direct who sees their personal health history, avoid delays in getting a second opinion and avert redundant medical tests. 

The HIPAA-compliant app and web portal enable patients to consolidate medical information from the typically disjointed recordkeeping systems of general practitioners, specialists, hospitals and other health providers. A private Ethereum Blockchain with peer-to-peer Smart Contracts provides extra assurance that encrypted health data reaches its destination unobstructed. Only patients can permit a third party to view their information and that viewer must have a key. 

Consumers using the app may access any medical record -- from the routine medical chart, to test results, to megabyte-size radiological imaging files. Patients can obtain and upload records during health visits or request them via links to   encrypted tunnel transfers. The encrypted data is stored in a cloud repository.

Other Got Health-e app features include algorithms that trigger alerts about scheduling cancer screenings based on the patient’s demographic information and videoconferencing, which allows even far-flung providers to answer questions about treatments. 

“Got Health-e lets consumers take control of their health,” says Got Health-e President Kayo Olufowobi.  “They can gather all their personal health records in one source and pocket them on a smart device – for life.” 

Got Health-e will be demonstrated at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Jan. 8-11, 2019. 

About Got Health-e
Got Health-e uses blockchain technology to strengthen digital tools that help consumers manage their personal health. Its leadership’s expertise includes successfully deploying HIPAA-compliant Physician and Patient Portals that expedited the secure access and exchange of millions of medical health records in the U.S. in the last 10 years. 

For more information on Got Health-e visit
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