Estblished in 2017, Got Health Engaged is a multi-platform application that enables individuals to request and aggregate Personal Health Records (PHRs) swiftly from anywhere in the world with a smart phone or web browser. Got health-e is revolutionary, bringing the first consumer app to market utilizing encryption technology and telehealth to secure the exchange of personal health records in a HIPAA compliant manner. This breakthrough technology makes it possible for everyone to travel with entire medical histories pocketed and secured on a smart device. With Got Health-e, patients can begin taking ownership of all Personal Health Records (PHRs) permanently.


Millions of Personal Health Records Secured


Got Health-e leadership’s expertise includes successfully deploying HIPAA-compliant Physician and Patient Portals that expedited the secure access and exchange of millions of medical health records in the U.S. in the last 10 years.




To help all people live healthier lives through advanced technologies. Enable individuals to take control of personal health records(PHRs), connect with care providers and have a say with regards to all personal health matters. Help people live longer by staying engaged and keeping up-to-date on what can be prevented.





Provide a health technology platform that is ubiquitous in nature. A platform that fills the access gap between disparate health record systems. Place into the hands of all people, smart device technology that will allow health records to be captured on the go, expedite patient diagnosis, connect people across the world with health specialists and engage people with their health.  Got Health-e is a HIPAA compliant solution that utilizes blockchain technology to enforce security, traceability, trust and control of health information. The technology puts patients' in full control of their health with built in notification algorithms, which help manage time sensitive health screenings.



Who should have this app?


Everyone, whether you have an upcoming health visit, chronic disease sufferer, need health advice, second opinion or to help family members. The time to take possession of your records begins now. Starting with your next health visit, leave with information that could potentially save your life during an emergency.



What can you do with Got Health-e?


  1. Capture your PHRs during each and every health visit
  2. Securely request PHRs from any given care provider
  3. Securely transmit Personal Health Records to anyone of choice
  4. Add records – Scan documents or capture pictures with smart devices
  5. Access a one-stop portal for all health results
  6. Web portal for online access to saved histories
  7. Stores all medical subspecialty results including diagnostic radiology images

Platform Security


GHE allows individuals to interact and exchange protected health information (PHI) in a HIPAA compliant manner, restricting access to PHI by unauthorized individuals. The GHE platform is a product of real patient use for nearly a decade.  Hundreds of thousands of patients already use the technology daily, for secure access to view, download and transmit radiological imaging results.


How Does it Work?


You can download the Got Health-e app from the Apple and Google Play Store. The app turns any smart device into a secure medical record aggregator and exchange platform. Once activated, you can begin to take full control of your health, pulling all health records into a single source, staying on top of required health screening reminders, Telehealth engagement and more.


Why is Got Health-e Unique?

  1. It's a multi-platform smartphone and web app allowing PHR exchange worldwide
  2. Uniquely designed graphical user interface to enhance user experience
  3. Unique data share mechanism. PHR’s cannot be accessed by unintended recipients
  4. Bringing data into GHE is simple. Does not require professional support
  5. GHE introduces quick chart scan and secure drag and drop to smart devices
  6. Radiology images can be securely delivered to smart devices. You no longer have to carry a CD.