Take charge of your health today

With Got Health-e (Got Health Engaged ), you no longer have to worry about trying to find your health information when you need it. At the click of a button, this app will allow you to capture all your medical results from any provider on-line portal, during regular health visits or direct imports with a smart device. You can simply aggregate all your health records into one source independently. The app also allows you to permanently import and share radiological images for future reference or obtaining a second opinion.


Cut your healthcare costs, prevent getting billed for duplicative medical tests, time waisted for unneeded provider visits, remembering medications, loosing radiological discs, immunizations histories and more.

Other Got Health-e app features include algorithms that trigger alerts about scheduling cancer screenings and immunizations based on your demographic information and videoconferencing, which allows even far-flung providers to answer questions about treatments. 

Got health-e is for everyone. This breakthrough technology makes it possible to obtain and share health records swiftly with a smart device no matter where you are in the world. With Got Health-e, patients can begin taking ownership of all Personal Health Records (PHRs) permanently.

Got Health-e is a HIPAA compliant app that maintains patient privacy, secures the exchange of health information with full encryption and prevents access to data by hackers and other interlopers. 





- Capture and upload any medical result

- Tagging system keeps records organized

- Securely share results with others

- Inbox for notifications and reminders

- Request medical results from your providers



- Face to face video consultations

- Organize group video/chat sessions



- Capture visit summaries from provider online portals

- Export lab results, medications and more

- Store web content for future reference

- Documents are keyword searchable



- Scanner - for capturing documents during health visits

- Camera - Upload pictures with your built-in camera

- Smart Notes - Use voice commands to store health information

- Cloud Drop – Drag and drop files to the app from any web browser



- Required cancer screening reminders and alerts

- Immunization schedules and alerts

- Immunization history tracking


- Interfaces with provider Electronic Health Records (EHR)

- Interfaces (PACS/RIS) -Delivers radiological images directly to the Got Health-e app


Information about the auto-renewable nature of the Got Health-e in-app subscription